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December 02, 2006



Get. A. Mac. Then you won't have to worry about a security system, it'll come with speakers built in and the flat panel monitor and the new keyboard and you can buy it a cordless mouse. I understand about not buying one until you think everything is "right" but any computer buyer will tell you--you buy it and the "newest" thing will be out next week. You have to let it go.

(but buy the Mac in January after MacWorld).

Get a new printer. You print lots of things, get a new one. You can buy a new printer for about the cost of ink cartridges these days. Plus, you're going to have a harder and harder time finding cartridges for your printer and I don't know if Windoze machines even come with printer ports anymore, I think it's all USB.

And you can get broadband and you don't have it yet? Please, if you do nothing else and you go buy the Windozed pile of junk after Vista comes out (and don't forget to download a firewall and buy security software that will likely cause your new machine to freeze up), get freakin' broadband. Because it will improve your life.

Look at it this way--you're investing in your personal security--I would be scared to be skulking around the campus late at night or on weekends. Plus if you can connect to the internet faster and have a better computer that allows you to work faster, how is that a bad thing? You have to give yourself a few things in life because then why in hell else are you working?


How about buying secondhand? A computer that does what your old one did would satisfy your work commitments and you would not have to be in the 'new dressing gown' syndrome and replace and get all your other add-ons. This way, you use one that some-one has replaced before it wore out and so reduce the stockpile of used but still usable computers. One of your friends who seem to be caught in the upscaling syndrome might be happy to let you have their 'old' one!
You make the comment that you haven't bought anything yet with your birthday money - why buy anything? Why not save it? Herein lies the seductiveness of purchasing power. To spend is to be powerful - for a moment. Take the moralities and guilt out of your dilemma - let your decisions be free of feelings. It is in the desire, the wanting that we fall into the spending trap.

Through retirement, we have changed into having a more simple life. Less income means looking at how we spend what we do have - what is important and what can be managed another way. Thrift and charity shops, local dumps, public transport, eating less, cooking at home more, exercise in public parks instead of gyms etc. etc. have become a chosen way of life rather than regreting that our income dows not match our 'wants'. We have exised our wants and find that the greatest gift we have given to each other and to ourselves is TIME!

New Balance

Life is not merely a walk in the world, it will pass. You may fail, but also is a kind of harvest. Tolerance is tolerant person or don't, is a kind of happiness.Do you think so?

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The moment we get there, numerous terrific dreams will arrive accurate plus the pieces of our lives will match collectively like a finished jigsaw puzzle.

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Through retirement, we have changed into having a more simple life.

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